Monday, July 27, 2009


StatusRevolution is the next update after Y!StatusRevolution status changer. StatusRevolution now supports both Yahoo! Messenger and MSN/Windows live Messenger and the support for Winamp has been added again. So now it supports 2 instant messengers: yahoo/msn and 2 music players: AIMP and Winamp. I still suggest trying AIMP over Winamp.
Most of the annoying bugs in the previous versions of Y!SR have been fixed. For example many songs showed only the title of the song not the artist, this has been fixed for mp3 files.
A major improvement in this version is the fact that you don't have to write your Yahoo! ID down anymore to be able to use it with Y!M as some of you were susceptive over this, thinking that I somehow collect your information. It now detects the id automatically as though this came at a cost: StatusRevolution only supports version 9.0 and higher of Y!M now. With MSN there are no problems, it works even with older versions, the only requirement is that you check the "Show what I'm listening to" box(more details in the help file).

StatusRevolution reprezinta urmatorul update dupa programul Y!StatusRevolution. StatusRevolution suporta acum Yahoo! Messenger precum si MSN/Windows Live Messenger. Acum suporta 2 programe de messenger si 2 playere audio. Bugurile din versiunea anterioara au fost rezolvate. Nu mai trebuie sa va scrieti idul pentru a putea schimba statusul cu Y! Messenger, este detectat automat. Suportul pentru Yahoo! Messenger(versiuni anterioare Y!M 9 nu mai esti valabil).

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD StatusRevolution v. 0.9.

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