What is Status Revolution?

Status Revolution is a small freeware application for managing instant messenger statuses. It supports Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger and it can extract information from 4 media players with 2 more on the way. StatusRevolution is light-weight(~ 1000 kb) and very easy to use with no computer knowledge required. It doesn't need to be installed with a whole bunch of files clogging up your computer like other programs do. You're just 2 clicks away from a fully customized personal status. Status Revolution is macro based and that means you can insert a string in your status that corresponds to the information you want to be shown. For example: Putting [Song] in your status will show up as "Beethoven - Ode to Joy".

Full list of macros and explanations below:

[Song] - Shows the song currently playing in AIMP, Winamp & foobar2000

[RSong] - Shows the song name/radio of what you are listening to in Screamer Radio.

[Bar] - Displays a cool looking progress bar that indicates how far the song has been playing.

[Pos] - Position in playlist for the currently playing song.

[Len] - The length of the current track.

[Bit] - Bitrate of the current song.

[State] - The player state(Paused or Stopped).

[Vol] - Player volume.

[Clock] - Displays current time. Updates once a minute.

[Date] - Displays the current date(Day-Month-Year)

[Win] - Displays the title of the currently active window(This may be a game, you're web-browser, you're word application etc). Don't change windows too fast with this macro enabled or you may get your status blocked.

Media players supported: AIMP, Winamp, foobar2000 & Screamer Radio.
Coming next: Quintessential Media Player and VLC(VideoLan).

Ce este StatusRevolution? StatusRevolution este o aplicatie gratuita pentru organizarea statusurilor in programele de messenger. Suporta Yahoo! Messenger si MSN/Live Messenger si poate extrage informatii din 4 playere audio. Este foarte compact(aproximativ 1 mb) si foarte usor de folosit cu 0 cunostinte de calculator necesare(eventual de limba engleza, il voi traduce in curand). Nu are nevoie de intalare ca sa va ingreuneze sistemul. Sunteti la doar 2 clickuri distanta de a avea un status personalizat cu muzica pe care o ascultati. Aplicatia functioneaza pe baza de macrouri ceea ce inseamna ca pentru a afisa informatiile necesare trebuie doar sa scrieti cateva litere in status. De exemplu scriind [Song] va rezulta in statusul de messenger ca "Beehoven - Ode to Joy"(melodia ascultata).

O lista cu macro-urile suportate si explicatiile lor aveti mai jos:

[Song] - Arata melodia pe care o ascultati in AIMP, Winamp sau foobar2000.

[RSong] - Arata melodia pe care o ascultati in Screamer Radio.

[Bar] - Afiseaza un progress bar ce arata cat ati ascultat din melodie sub forma [--|---]

[Pos] - Pozitia in playlist a melodiei care o ascultati.

[Len] - Durata totala a melodiei.

[Bit] - Bitrateul melodiei curente.

[State] - Starea playerului(Paused or Stopped).

[Vol] - Volumul playerului.

[Clock] - Afiseaza ora curenta. Se schimba 1 data la minut.

[Date] - Afiseaza data curenta.

[Win] - Afiseaza numele ferestrei actuale. Folositor pentru a arata ce joc jucati sau ce pagini web vizionati.