Sunday, August 23, 2009

Status revolution status changer 0.98


Now compatible with foobar2000 (also a great audio player by the way).

So now we have a status changer for Yahoo! Messenger, MSN / Live Messenger compatible with AIMP, Winamp & foobar2000.
Fixed bugs: Doesn't change your status if you are invisible and a few other things non important to the public.

Acum compatibil si cu foobar2000.
Acum StatusRevolution merge cu Yahoo! Messenger si MSN/Windows Live Messenger si suporta playerele: AIMP, Winamp si Foobar2000


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Lê Khôi said...

This program support unicode \m/ , it can display Vietnamese correctly . It's a great program :) . Btw , when i play mp3 , it's display Vietnamese correctly , but when i play flac , unicode characters transform to "?" , it's a bug or something ? I'm using Winamp .

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