Monday, March 8, 2010

Important notice

The latest version seems to have an issue(probably not the only one) when using it for the first time with an id, in which Y!M asks for confirmation when displaying your status, doing this in a infinite loop, eventually crashing . I never noticed it until now since I haven't used/worked on this for a long time. It might work with an older version of Y!M. If I ever get some free time I'll fix it, yet the code is messy and it might take some time.

Pe romaneste(si pe scurt): Daca programul are bube, folositi altceva sau asteptati un viitor update.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't work well for latest Y!M ( Works only for first song, but doesn't work for next song. It says Y!M doesn't running or older Y!M version, but I have the latest Y!M. How to fix this?

StatusRevolution said...

Try the new version.

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